Monday, 23 July 2012

6th Edition & Apocalypse

So 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 has been out awhile and loads of things have been discussed all over.
Between the fact that others are all discussing the important things and I put off reading the rules due to being busy & disliking the hardback books I've not written anything yet on it.

Now I'm set I thought I'd discuss something others have not so much, the rules impact on Apocalypse games.
Forgeworld have been great with getting update notes for everything sorted and I've been quite happy with much of it, such as my Hydra support platform getting Intercept & Skyfire or the fact that since they note that the Valkyrie Sky Talon has Vector Dancer most opponents will allow my Vendetta's to make use of the rule as well.

There are still some things I'd like them to clarify such as how the Power Cutter on my Hades Breaching Drill's can affect vehicles when they aren't allow to ram in the new rules, but one email at a time.

So, Apocalypse.
The core rules and formations haven't changed it would seem.
With apocalypse not generally using organisation charts the allies matrix can probably be ignored, but some groups I expect will choose to include it to determine what armies abilities work with others.
As organisation charts aren't allowed, I'd also assume most groups will allow people to freely purchase fortifications as long as they aren't taking the mick.
Warlord's raise an interesting idea, with my theory each player will get one rather than each army.

Formations seem to be no different, although some will be better now and some will be pretty terrible just as the same goes for different units, vehicles and characters in standard games.

Super-heavy vehicles have changed quite a bit however and I don't just mean with how hull points & penetration works.
I mentioned one email at a time before, that is because I did send in a request for some clarifications about super-heavies and got the following reply.

The update does not seem to be perfectly clear certain points so I would like to clarify these with the questions below.

Question One - Crew Shaken/Stunned
Do Crew Shaken & Crew Stunned results now affect the vehicle as a whole (as opposed to a single weapon as it did in previous editions)?
Yes, it does, although as noted the Primary Weapon rule allows some protection against this. It is deliberately harsher than in previous editions. 

Question Two - Primary Weapons
If the above is so, do you roll separately for each weapon with the Primary Weapon special rule the vehicle has to see if it ignores the effect.
Yes, you do. So in the example of a Reaver Titan that has lost all its Void Shields, a separate save is made for each arm weapon and its carapace weapon.
Question Three - Flat Out
Can normal super-heavy vehicles go Flat Out? They aren't noted as having the Heavy type and there is no mention of them not being able to do so in the movement section of the update, but the super-heavy fast vehicles section notes that fast ones can which would suggest that normal ones can't.
As stated in the Super-heavy vehicles section (page 2 of the Apocalypse update PDF), unless their profile allows otherwise they may only move at  Combat speed.

Question Four - Ramming
Can normal super-heavy vehicles use the Ram rule? It would seem that only fast ones can since the Ram rule requires the vehicle to go Cruising speed.
Exactly. As above, unless their profile states otherwise (or you want to add a house rule) the Ramming rules apply as normal.

Question Five - Immobilised Super-Heavy Flyers
It would seem that the first immobilised result which halves the move distance will force the vehicle to move exactly 18" each turn (normal max move being 36", halved to 18" which is the minimum) and therefore count as only being able to count as going combat speed and then the second result only prevents it using Evade or going Flat Out. Is this right?
Also, does the first immobilised result halve the vehicles Flat Out movement as well?
This is correct; the point being that the minimum move distance is never affected. The Super-heavy flyer's Flat Out move is unaffected (narratively speaking, the pilot opening their throttle to evade whatever is threatening them). 

The fact that a single penetrating shot can shut down all 7+ weapons on a Baneblade is quite a hit for such vehicles. This is of course balanced somewhat by the fact Weapon Destroyed results now affect a random weapon making it pretty difficult to take out the main cannon.
Some races such as Eldar who only have a very limited number of weapons on their super-heavies will be better off due to that.

Another change not involved with the email is that Baneblade's can finally come on from reserve without being destroyed *laughs* As many will know in 5th Edition if you couldn't fully get onto the board with something it was lost and Baneblade's (especially those with sponsons) were simply too big to get on with their 6" movement.
Now in 6th they aren't destroyed but are instead moved the minimal extra distance to get them on with their rear end touching the board edge and can't shoot that turn... Not great, but better than being destroyed!

One last thought in this post since it is getting long, 6th Edition has had a huge impact on Strategic Assets.
With fortifications being purchasable for fairly cheap, the stategic assets which provide barricades, walls etc aren't as appealing as they were previously.
Personally I'm relieved that the Vortex Grenade asset will be going from the go-to overkill asset in the eyes of a number of my regular opponents to something we'll rarely see. After all a 6" range is very unappealing when you can't move in the same turn, shoot other weapons or assault afterwards.
Of course, bikes, jet-packers and terminators can get around that...

Have you played apocalypse yet in the new edition?
What are your thoughts on the changes?