Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Elleusive here, deciding that I doubt there is any true way to start a blog but that it is always polite to introduce oneself and say hi.


Now that is out of the way, introductions... As already mentioned I'm Elleusive, I've been writing articles for friends on a generalized message board and thought I'd spread my thoughts and feelings to more.
My blog-name for lack of a better term is an amalgamation of a nickname I use in the real world and an online nick I was given over a decade back *laughs* Together they form who I am today.
Oh and for the record, the second 'E' in Elle is silent. Something I'm at pains to point out to people!

As for the blogs name? For those educated in such things, "I got a 4" is of course a rather infamous quote from early on in the webcomic Order of the Stick, a quote the talented Rich Burlew was kind enough to give me an okay to use.
As for why I'm using it? Well while this blog will focus heavily on the realms of Warhammer 40,000 and related themes, it may also at times wander into other territory include such nerdy pasttimes as Dungeons and Dragons and perhaps even as far as LARP. Meaning that dice rolls are a big part of how things go!
Yes I do all the above hobbies from time to time, which gives me the right to label them nerdy out of jest *smiles*

As Warhammer 40k will be the most general topic here, I feel an introduction wouldn't be complete without talking about that somewhat. I have been playing 40k for ages now and started around the transition between the 2nd and 3rd edition, I'll admit I disappeared for awhile missing most of the 4th edition but thanks to a conversion of mine getting friends back into the game I'm back playing myself.
My first army back around the before mentioned transition was Orks, a rather ragtag group that I'm not sure I actually won games with... I was young!
When I started taking things more seriously I moved on to other armies, first Space Marines, then Chaos, Tau and of course my favorite force (to some degree) Sisters of Battle. Despite this I have played with most armies in 40k to some extent and against all of them.
At the current time my collection includes around 2,000pts of Dark Eldar, 1,500pts of Grey Knights, 5,000pts of Imperial Guard, 3,500pts of Salamanders and several thousand points of Sisters of Battle (although I'm still in the process of changing them over to the latest edition).
The above is just a rough estimate and doesn't include a multitude of additional assassins and characters, or the spare companies worth of marines I've little idea what to do with yet.

Going to bring the introductions to an end now, before I blabber away further.
Am sure more will be revealed in time...

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