Saturday, 22 October 2011

Forgeworld New Releases ~ Land Raider Proteus & Relic Contemptor

More new releases from Forgeworld today.

Firstly we have the body for the Relic Contemptor, pictured left.

Given the rarity of the Contemptor-pattern chassis, it is not uncommon for those Chapters blessed enough to count these ancient war machines amongst their arsenal to embellish their armoured sarcophagus with scripture, honour scrolls and additional details to commemorate the heroism and indomitable valour of the Ancient enshrined within.

In addition there are two new weapon options for either Contemptor body. The claw arm as shown on the Relic Contemptor and a Multimelta.

The last release today is the Land Raider Proteus:
Mechanicus tech-savants believe that the Land Raider Proteus is a precursor to the Phobos pattern vehicle now found amongst the armouriums of the Adeptus Astartes.  Bulkier and faster than the Phobos, ancient and forgotten data-looms describe the Proteus as a forward assault vehicle, commonly fielded in Explorator missions during the dawning days of Mankind’s fledgling galactic empire.

Along with the model comes its experimental rules which I must say are rather interesting.
Downsides include a lack of an assault ramp and smaller transport capacity compared to the usual Land Raiders. The fact that it is an elite slot rather than a heavy could be taken either way. However the many pros are a slightly cheaper points cost, the Scout USR (pretty interesting this) and the ability to either assist your reserves or hinder the opponents.
Perhaps the most striking feature however is that it still has the benefit of Power of the Machine Spirit when taken in a chaos army (albeit under a different name).

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