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Necron HQ, part One ~ Overview

Continuing my overview of the new Necrons with HQ slots, I'll not be including any of the numerous special characters just yet as I'm going to leave them until towards the end of this series, as many do deserve detailing and I'd rather take my time without delaying the important Troops, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy units.

There is a slight name mix-up between codex's in regard to HQ units, Overlords take the role formerly filled by Lords, while Lords themselves exist as command squad/sergeants.

Special Characters aside, Necrons have two choices when considering HQ slots:

Similar stats to the old Lord, although all Necrons have been reduced to Initiative 2 now. With a Ws/Bs of 4 they are somewhat behind other armies HQ's, yet their Str/Tgh of 5 helps make up for this. They are also only 90pts which is fairly impressive as that is 10pts cheaper than a Space Marine captain and Overlords get a better default weapon with a Staff of Light (12" Str5 Ap3 Assault 3), however they do not have an Invulnerable save as standard.
Each Overlord allows you to take a Royal Court (detailed in part two).

Weapons & Wargear etc
This is where characters are made and Overlords have a decent selection, weapon options all exchange the Staff of Light so Overlords are limited to one weapon. Options are Hyperphase Sword as a free exchange, a Gauntlet of Fire for 5pts or a Voidblade or Warscythe, both at 10pts (all detailed in previous post).

Wargear items I'll split into types. Starting with the defensive you have Sempiternal weave, 15pts, which increasing their save to 2+, and Phase shifter, which provides 3+ Invulnerable save, albeit at the very high cost of 45pts!
You also have a Phylactery, 15pts, which gives the Overlord D3 wounds the first time they get back up (assuming they pass the test), I feel this one is a waste tho as you'll only get a benefit just over 20% of the time (33% of the time if you have a Resurrection orb).
Talking of Resurrection orbs, they cost 30pts and allow the bearer and his unit to pass their Reanimation Protocol rolls on a 4+ (making them like old Necrons).
There are also two interesting combat pieces, Firstly the Tesseract labyrinth, 20pts, which allows you to pick a character or Monstrous Creature in base contact, its controller rolls a D6 and if the result is more than its current wounds it is removed from the game with no saves! Potentially very powerful tactic affecting but only one use.
The second combat item are Mindshackle scarabs which I really like *smiles* For a fun 15pts you get to randomly select an enemy model in base contact in each assault phase and if it fails a leadership test on 3D6 instead of its normal attacks it makes D3 attacks at its own unit using whatever weapons the Overlords player wishes!
The last wargear is the Tachyon arrow I detailed previously costing 30pts, very costly for a one shot weapon!

Another option you have is to upgrade the Overlord to a Phaeron for 20pts, this doesn't change his stats or anything but grants him and his unit the Relentless USR.
Since Overlords only have access to assault weapon and Necrons don't have heavy weapon units like Devastators etc, this isn't as great as first seen.
All it can really improve are the Rapid Fire weapons of Warriors, Immortals or Deathmarks (not that improving them isn't a good thing).

Catacomb Command Barge
This is a special dedicated transport option that is only available to Overlords (and Overlord special characters). They have a single transport slot and can only transport Independant Characters, making them very unique in 40k. At 80pts I feel they are pretty great.
They are Fast, Open Topped Skimmers with Armour 11 all round, but with Living Metal and Quantum Shielding making them 13/13/11 early on and armed with a Tesla Cannon or Gauss Cannon (Str 6 Ap- Tesla or Str5 Ap3 Gauss, either way you get 24" range and Assault 2).

With an Overlord on board however they really shine, not only can he negate Weapon Destroyed & Immobilized results by reducing his number of wounds by one as long as it wouldn't kill him (very useful considering how dangerous Immobilized is if it goes Flat Out) but he can make three special attacks with his melee weapon at a single enemy unit it moves over, with hit rolls only dependent on speed moved (his speed not the targets, so its great for hitting Flat Out enemy vehicles), more impressively if he rolls a 6 to hit he gets to choose which model its allocated to!
These attacks ignore cover saves but are not noted as being combat attacks, so combat only defenses (such as Grey Knight Warding Staves) do not seem to apply.

Destroyer Lord
Fluffwise certain Necrons have a mental derangement that causes them to be utterly obsessed with killing (thus why they get called Destroyers) and because this makes them embrace their machine nature unlike normal Necrons, they exchange their legs for repulsor platforms to help them find prey faster.
In the rules this means for 35pts more than an Overlord you get some nice upgrades, but at the cost of fewer wargear options and an inability to upgrade to a Phaeron, take a Royal Court or Catacomb Command Barge. The derangement itself manifests as the Preferred Enemy USR against everything! The leg replacements do not count as Jetbikes like before, instead they turn the model into Jump Infantry and also increase base toughness by one (making Destroyer Lords Tgh6!).

Weapons and Wargear
Destroyer Lords come with a Warscythe as default (further reducing the apparent difference in costs with Overlords) but can exchange it for a Staff of light or Gauntlet of fire for free. Alternatively they can swap it for a Voidblade for 5pts.

As I said, wargear options are fewer for Destroyer Lords. They can only select from: Sempiternal weave, Resurrection orb, Mindshackle scarabs and Tachyon arrow, at the same cost except for Mindshackle scarabs which are 20pts for a Destroyer Lord.
Destroyer Lords are obvious beat-sticks with their faster move and higher toughness (lack of an invulnerable save lets them down a bit, but Phase shifters are expensive anyway).

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