Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'm Back

My apologies for being away for a number of months, things bounced from bad to bad for awhile and although things are still a fair distance from good I've decided I should still do things.

Why was I away?
Take your pick, they all applied at some point: Illness, depression, other things vying for my time, stress over xmas shopping, reduced interest in the game, foolishly putting off returning due to being behind etc.

What was I up to?
Aside from moping and hiding away from the world which seemed to be an on/off background activity at times I was caught up with sorting xmas (it was the first one I'd taken someone seriously in many years) and of course working on an evolution/update for a local LARP system I help organise and run. Believe me, such rule updates aren't as easy as some people think.

While my interest had dropped a bit as mentioned above, this is mostly due to friends cancelling games at the last minute, my inability/unwillingness to play local strangers much and other things acting as distractions.
I didn't totally pull from the hobby, just the gaming side (and blog too unfortunately). Hobby-wise I've been doing alright, I've started some ground-work on painting my Imperial Guard, picked up a few new models to work on (Coteaz, Stormlord, Crassus etc) as well as a number of bits for an array of projects.
I've also made a little work completing my Warhammer fantasy army and lastly, I've started preparation for GMing a forum-based game of Rogue Trader with a number of friends which should be fun.

What have I missed?
Quite a bit it seems, from a somewhat-anti-GW article in a foreign magazine to a great deal of rumours that have been bouncing around all over the place, but that last is no surprise although the 'leaked 6th edition rulebook' could be (depending on how legit you think it is). Plus more importantly a fair number of Forgeworld releases including books.
I'll try posting more soon, but for now.. I'm back.

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